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I Am Worthy - I Am Series


Our speakers will be talking about how they've ditched perfection and accepted that we all create our own Self-Worth through our attitude when faced with adversity. Our speakers James Love, Isabel Black, Cristina Williams, and Michelle Kraxberger will be discussing how we can heal ourselves by embracing who we really are, not just what we are told to believe, so we can find the strength and courage to be our best selves. This event is open to everyone of every background. AYPN wants you to feel as if this is your safe space where you can come, learn, connect and get the support you need to continue on your path toward intentional living. Come join us, we would love to meet you! Please be sure to add us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our latest AYPN updates & event details. In addition to AYPN, we encourage you to follow all the speakers who have spoken life into you or peak your interest!


Event Info:


Date & Time: January 30th, 2023 from 6 PM - 8 PM Location: Blue Springs Community Center 2001 SW 9th St. Blue Springs, MO 64015 Speakers: James Love, Isabel black, Cristina Williams, and Michelle Kraxberger.


Virtual Link Info:


This virtual link is valid for one person to attend online for the I am worthy Chapter of our I Am Series. There are no replays available therefore be sure to be Live at the exact date and time as listed above.

Virtual Link to Speaker Series

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