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Isabel Black


Isabel Luz Camacho-Black The Intentional Healer I Provide People Natural Options to HEALING & HEALTH. My business Gigi’s Natural Hippi Essentials, I provide people All Natural, Plant Based Salves for everyday Health & Healing. Speaking on stage monthly at Activate Your Power Now I share my story of Survival in Life. And how after saying YES to Ultimate Purpose in 2017, and Choosing to do Life ON PURPOSE, WITH PURPOSE, I now Live each day with Meaning & Fulfillment. Sharing my story has INSPIRED others to BE the CHANGE in their Life, REGARDLESS. Stepping into their Truth and being ACTIVATED into their next stage of Healing. As a Co-Host to 2 Talk Shows Becoming the Best You & Felons to Fabulous, I help remind ordinary people that their Past does not have to Dictate their Future. ALL GREAT LEADERS & WORLD CHANGERS were once considered Ordinary People as well. Whether it be Physical, Emotional, or Spiritual Pain… I have options for you.

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James Love


James Love is The Heart Healer, a self-realization guide here to help you discover and realize your true self, so you can TRULY WALK IN YOUR WORTH.  He is the co-founder and co-owner of Love Larger & Activate Your Power Now LLC with the ultimate mission of doing our part to help usher in HEAVEN ON EARTH NOW.  He speaks on how to radically change your life through developing and maintaining a growth mindset. This mindset is achieved by bringing ATTENTION TO YOUR INTENTIONS in life, followed by discovering and transforming limiting beliefs into empowering lifestyles. 

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Marc Salas



Shelly Rueckert


 I am the Owner/Founder of Bleubird Designs.


God has blessed me with the gift of creativity.

I am inspired to bring light and joy to others through that creativity.

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